What our customers think

"I’d been suffering from a great deal of eye strain and headaches for about a year when my eyes were due to be tested. On testing my prescription hadn’t changed and so I was a little confused as to why I felt a strain, especially when there were bright lights around, like driving, going from a dark room to the bright sunlight or looking at the computer screen for too long. A colorimetry test was suggested by the opticians. I found that under a blue light my eyes just relaxed, the text I was looking at was clearer and most importantly I felt no strain.  After wearing these blue coloured glasses when there is a potential for strain I find that the headaches have gone and my eyes feel more relaxed even in the conditions which used to give me some discomfort before. J Davies and Partners Opticians really have helped transform my day to day activities. I’m truly grateful."

-Bhavesh Mistry


I have been dyslectic for many years, before I was given these glasses, I found it very hard to read and write. For example, whenever I would read a book, I would see random patterns going around on the page and I couldn’t focus on the words properly. But when I got these glasses, it improved my reading because now I can focus on what I am reading and I can understand more of what I am reading. For anyone who is Dyslectic or has reading or writing problems, I would recommend these glasses.


When my son was aged 14 he was diagnosed with Dyslexia. Having an eye test at J D and Partners that have been my Opticians for over 20 years, a test was run to check for any eyesight problems connected to the dyslexia. JD discovered that when reading with coloured lenses his reading speed increased by 50%! A series of specialist tests called colour metric testing was carried out at the Opticians and glasses manufactured to an exact colour prescription. My son found these glasses controlled the movement of letters on the page and enabled him to study and learn much better. They also reduced the problems with reading from the whiteboard and the headaches he suffered became much less frequent.

I have referred several friends to JD and partners for regular and specialised eyecare. One friend’s son is also one benefiting from colour metric testing and his individually tailored glasses too.

Jamie Crease